Disk Storage Module; C6415 DSP; Virtex II VP20; SATA Link; Rocket Serial Link (RSL)


s387 The SMT387 is the latest of a long tradition of Sundance to provide Modular solutions and the SMT387 roots lie with the SMT307, that later was updated to the SMT337 and the common feature is the integration of a DSP, Memory, Flash and ‘Storage’ solution. The SMT387 has a all of above and it has got the latest generation of Serial ATA controller, a 600MHz DSP and a ‘State-of-the-art’ Virtex-II Pro and this is the first Module available that will sport the new Rocket Serial Link interface that Sundance will be using in the future for all our InterModule communications. SMT387 will work in an array of Module as a slave or as a host and can also run ‘Stand-Alone’ and use the on-Module flash for booting and control of the Disk Array.

Board Support package (SMT6087)


  • Single width Module
  • Two Serial ATA Disk Interface, using Silicon Image Serial ATA Link 3512 device
  • 600MHz ‘C6415 DSP
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (VP20)
  • Six 20Mbytes/s interprocessor ComPorts or SDL
  • One full SHB connector, with 2x SDB interfaces and all 60 I/O pins
  • Four Sundance Rocket Serial Link
  • 8Mbytes FLASH ROM for stand-alone use
  • Up 128Mbytes of local SDRAM on DSP
  • Up 18Mbits of ZBT-SRAM on FPGA.
  • TIM-40 Global Bus Expansion Connectors
  • TIM-40 Standard compatible
  • 12 months warranty


  • Build low cost real time data acquisition systems using commercial Serial ATA drives, like the Western Digital ‘Raptor’
  • Function library simplifies application development
  • Double buffered memory architecture enables maximum sustained bandwidth
  • Independent communications and Serial ATA processors maximize system throughput.
  • Max transfer rate is 150Mbytes/sec., whereas the sustained data-rate is limited to sustained is approx. 40Mbytes, due to disk performance. (50MB/s at sector 0 reducing linearly to 30MB/s at sector 0x1FFFFFFF)
  • High-speed data storage for TIM based parallel DSP systems
  • Real-time logging and buffering of data

SMT387 User Manual