FPGA Module, Xilinx Virtex-II ; 2MB ZBT SRAM; Sundance High-speed Bus interface


The SMT398 is a BIG ‘Big-Brother’ to the SMT358 FPGA Module that Sundance designed in 1999. It has all the same benefits, and a lot more!

The latest versions of the Xilinx Virtex-II are being used to the fullest of their potentials and offers ZBT-RAM with no less than four Sundance High-speed Busses (SHB) for general purpose I/O and interface to high-speed DAQ/DSP Modules, five interModule ComPorts and an enhanced 32-bit Global Bus interface to a Carrier.

The SMT398 is available in the following options:

SMT398-1000-4-Z2  (Virtex XC2V1000-4)
SMT398-2000-4-Z2  (Virtex XC2V2000-4)
SMT398-3000-4-Z2-Q2 (Virtex XC2V3000-4 and 2MB QDR SRAM)
SMT398-6000-4-Z2-Q2 (Virtex XC2V6000-4 and 2MB QDR SRAM)


  • Single width module
  • Virtex IItm range of FPGA devices as user programmable resource.
  • 1M Gates equivalent or more of software configurable resource. XC2V1000-4, FF896 package.
  • 2 Banks of high speed ZBT SRAM 2 MBytes
  • 6 ComPorts or SDL Interface (Sundance Datapipe Links @ 100Mbytes/sec.), 60 I/O pins
  • 32-bit Global Connector for Host-PC transfers, 78 I/O pins
  • Four SHB Interfaces (Sundance High-speed Bus @ 400Mbytes/sec.), 100 I/O pins
  • 4 Status LEDs
  • External clock
  • LVDS Interface and memory expansion options
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty



  • Simple prototyping for hardware solutions to typical DSP algorithms
  • Scaleable and flexible system configuration
  • Higher performance than conventional DSPs
  • Expansion of memory or I/O interfaces using mezzanine cards
  • VHDL Source to module interfaces available as ‘Shareware’.
  • The SHB provides 25 I/O pins each and they are available to the user as general purpose I/O pins and uses the high-speed connector system from Samtec and use the ‘Blue Ribbon’ cables from Precision Interconnect.

Application note about SMT398 Test Examples

SMT398 User Manual