Sundance <> Simulink Toolbox for DSP & FPGA co-design and code generation

SMT6039 is a Toolbox from Sundance for the SMT8039 Video Kit. It allows easy-to-use co-design plus flexible and powerful generation of both optimized C code for DSP and VHDL code for FPGA from plain Simulink® diagrams. The SMT339 Video capabilities are supported by the Diamond Video Library only.

SMT6039 is a development tool for high performance boards. Real time signal processing is made easy: data from a Simulink® model is sent to DSP & FPGA, and after processing can be sent back to Simulink® or to an external screen for displaying. All Sundance communication resources are at the user fingertips to send and receive information between additional hardware and software resources.

SMT6039 simplifies the design of HW/SW subsystems, now as easy as developing and simulating a Simulink® diagram, therefore even the inexperienced user can design high performance, low cost solutions. Porting Simulink®projects onto different Sundance boards has indeed become a trivial task.

SMT6039 can be used without any hardware design experience.



  • MATLAB® 7.3.0 and Simulink® 6.5.
  • Real-Time Workshop® (version found in MATLAB®7.3.0)

Texas Instruments:

  • Code Composer Studio® 3.1


  • SMT8039


  • Xilinx ISE® 8.2 Foundation


  • Diamond DSP (single proc) and Diamond FPGA (single proc)