Sundance <> Simulink® – Toolbox for DSP code generation and co-design


s6050SMT6050 is the Matlab® and Simulink® toolbox for all of Sundance’s hardware. It provides the customer with the flexibility to generate optimized C source code compatible for running on Sundance boards from Simulink® models. This will help speed up development time since there will be no need to develop any C code targeting Sundance hardware. This version of SMT6050 doesn’t require the user to have the Embedded target for TIC6000 or the Matlab link for Code Composer Studio. This results in large savings for the customer.

Simulink® is a simulation and prototyping development tool for modelling, simulating, and implementing real-world dynamic systems. After the user has created the desired system SMT6050 generates optimized C codes and related files mimicking a Simulink model and compiles it into a binary format for further downloading to the Sundance hardware.


  • Communication Channels
    • To send and receive any information between available hardware and software resources
  • PC Channel
    • To send and receive data to and from your PC
  • SHB (Sundance High Speed Bus)
    • 32 bit channel @ 200 MHz
  • A/D and D/A


Advanced code generation capability of SMT6050 lets the user generate code for the following type of scenarios:

  1. Real time signal processing: Data is captured by an ADC, processed and sent to DAC or alternatively send to PC for displaying.
  2. DSP coprocessor: Data from Matlab is sent to DSP for processing, processed data could be sent to DAC or alternatively sent to PC for displaying or further processing in Matlab.
  3. Hardware in The Loop: Data from a Simulink model is sent to DSP board and after processing by the DSP, returned back to Simulink for displaying.



  • Matlab R14 or later
  • Simulink
  • Real Time Workshop

Texas Instruments:

  • Code Composer Studio 2.1 or higher


  • SMT6012
  • SMT6300
  • SMT6025