Dual MIMO RF transceiver


s901The SMT901 is an advanced, high-quality MIMO transceiver card, designed to cover all features of future high-speed MIMO TDD radio systems. The SMT901 comprises two complete, fully configurable transceiver chains between two 2 x 10-bit digital I/Q interfaces and two dual-band 50 Ohm antenna ports. Each transceiver chain comprises RF-frontend (band switch / RX-TX switch and power amplifier), up-/down converters with on chip PLLs and high-performance analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for the I/Q signals and auxiliary analog-to-digital converters for RSSI and TX power detection signals.

With a single externally supplied common reference clock for the transceiver PLLs multiple SMT901 cards are easily combined to build an arbitrary size 2m x 2n MIMO system with coherent LO phase.

All control signals and the SPI bus are routed through a 120-pin QSH data connector providing highest freedom for flexible, application specific configuration and control during operation. The SMT901 is designed to fit on and connect directly to an FPGA base module like the SMT351T or the SMT368