s105 PCI-104 Express SLB carrier


The SMT105 is a SLB carrier based on the industrial PCIe104 format (PCIe/104).

It has a large Virtex 5 FPGA for processing tasks.

  • SLB Carrier.
  • Virtex5 FPGA (including integrated PowerPC™ core).
  • 512Mbyte DDR2 memory.
  • 3 banks of QDRII memory 72Mbit (2Mx36)
  • USB2 Interface to FPGA.
  • RS232 interfaces.
  • MicroSD/Transflash.
  • 4-lane and 1-lane PCIe interfaces.
  • 2 x Fibre modules
  • Stack-up or stack-down configurations (purchase time option)

It is availas105btmble in different speed grades (1,2,3) and also available in Industrial Temperature grades.

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SMT105 Product Specification v1_8