s130PCI-104 TIM Carrier card

The SMT130 is a single site module carrier developed to provide access to a TIM module over the PCI-104 PCI bus.

Data transfers of 50-100Mbytes per second can be achieved to and from the Global Bus when accessing the SRAM and PCI Bridge, allowing fast data transfers.

The card has an on-board JTAG controller which is software compatible with the XDS-510. This allows Code Composer studio and 3L applications to be used to debug/upload software to a DSP TIM.

s130btmThe SBC (Single Board Computer) that we recommend for use with the SMT130 is the Cool RoadRunner III.


  • Single module site, like SMT310 and SMT300
  • Host interface bandwidth via global bus in excess of < 2 Mbytes/s @ 33MHz PCI clock
  • Host interface via ComPort in excess of 10 Mbytes/s
  • Expansion via interprocessor ComPorts
  • On-board XDS-510 compatible JTAG Master
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 80g


Reduce cost for simple applications
Scaleable system configuration 
Low cost Multiprocessor resource 
Flexible Task allocation 
Expandable system allows for future expansion
SMT130 would be an ideal partner to a EBX Host Controller and enable Embedded DSP application to be integrated into a PC controlled environment

SMT130 User Manual