ADC Module; 4 Channels; 125MSPS @ 14bit


s384 The SMT384 is a single width expansion TIM that plugs onto an SLB base module SMT368 (Virtex-4 FPGA) and incorporates 4 Texas Instrument Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADS5500). The SMT384 implements a comprehensive clock circuitry based on a AD9510 chip that allows synchronisation among the converters and cascading modules for multiple receiver systems as well as the use of an external reference clock. It provides a complete conversion solution and stands as a platform that can be part of a receive base station.

ADCs are 14-bit and can sample at up to 125 MHz. All converters are 3.3-Volt. As a standard, the ADCs are all AC-coupled (RF Transformers), but can also be optionally DC-coupled (TI opamp THS4509).

The Xilinx FPGA (Virtex-4) on the base module is responsible for handling data or control commands coming from the TI converters, Comports (TIM-40 standard), Sundance High-speed Bus (SHB). These interfaces are compatible with a wide range of Sundance’s modules.

s384btmThe memory on base module can be divided into two 16-bit wide independent blocks for storing samples.

Converter configuration, sampling and transferring modes are set via internal control registers stored inside the FPGA and accessible via Comport.


  • Four 14-bit ADCs (ADS5500 – TI) sampling at up to 125 MHz
  • On-board low-jitter clock synchronizer (AD9510) coupled with a 245.76-MHz VCXO
  • One SLB connector to link the SMT384 with an SMT368
  • Single width expansion module (mezzanine module)
  • One External Clock and one External Reference inputs via MMCX connectors (Huber Suhner)
  • One External Clock and one External Reference outputs via MMCX connectors (Huber Suhner) for synchronising and cascading modules
  • Analogue Inputs/Outputs via MMCX (Huber Suhner) connectors are all 50-Ohm terminated
  • Compatible with all Sundance SLB modules
  • 12 months warranty


The SMT384 can be used for Intermediate-Frequency (IF) sampling architectures, cellular base stations such as CDMA or TDMA, baseband I/Q systems, wireless communication systems, Instrumentation, etc… 
It stands as a flexible platform for developing applications when coupled with the SLB base module SMT368, which fast VIrtex-4 FPGA can be reconfigured via Comport or a PROM for stand alone systems




smt372t-fx30t_smt384 – Application Note