DAC Module; Dual Channel 1GHz, 14-bit DAC; SLB Interface.


s381 The SMT381 is a single width Daughter Module that plugs onto the SMT338-VP30-6 or SMT398-VP50-6 and this functions as a ‘Base Module’. It is capable of converting two external digital inputs coming from the Virtex II Pro FPGA, using the SLB interface on the SMT338-VP or SMT398-VP, with a resolution of 14 bits at 840MSPS. Alternative is using the internal memory on the DAC and the speed will then be 1GSPS. A Fujitsu dual channel DAC (MB86064) performs the digital to analogue conversion.

The SMT338-VP or SMT398-VP controls data transfers via ComPorts, Sundance High-speed Bus (SHB) or the Rocket Serial Link (RSL) and the Sundance Local Bus (SLB). These interfaces are compatible with a wide range of Sundance processor and I/O modules.



  • Dual channel 14-bit DAC (MB86064) sampling up to 1GHz
  • Single width Daughter Module.
  • Interface to DSP or FPGA Base Module via LVDS interface, using the Sundance Local Bus (SLB)
  • Low-jitter system clock
  • 50-Ohm analogue inputs and outputs, external triggers and clocks via MMBX(Huber and Suhner) connectors
  • Compatible with Sundance SLB range of Modules
  • Weight Approx. TBA
  • 12 months warranty


  • Multi-carrier, Multi-standard cellular infrastructure
    • CDMA, W-CDMA, GSM/Edge, UMTS
  • High Direct-IF architectures
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Test equipment
  • Radar, video & display system

SMT381 Performance

SMT381-VP User Manual


SMT381 User Manual

SMT381 User Guide