SMT399-160 Multi-output Clock Generator; Single/Dual tone; Sine/Square waves; Dual 400MSPS DDS; SLB Mezzanine Module

SMT399-160 is a single width expansion module (SLB mezzanine module). It offers an integrated solution for high-speed sine-wave generation (up to 160 MHz), single or dual tone, with the option of having sine or square waves. The module is to be plugged onto an SLB base module such as SMT338-VP7-5, SMT398-VP or SMT368. It is built around two AD9954s. All Direct Digital Synthesizers are controller by an FPGA (Virtex II Pro or Virtex 4) present on the SLB base module. Channels can be combined in pairs to output dual-tone signals. Direct Digital Synthesizer offer fine tuning and fast hopping, which makes the SMT399-160 ideal for generating sampling clocks for analogue converters and for testing systems. The SMT399-160 offers the possibility of cascading several modules for more complex signal generation.


  • Two 14-bit DDSs (AD9954) sampling up to 400 MHz
  • Single width module (SLB mezzanine)
  • One SLB connector
  • Low-jitter system clock
  • On-board or external reference clock
  • 50-Ohm analogue outputs, via MMBX (Huber and Suhner) connectors
  • Square signal outputs available (MMBX)
  • Facilities for cascading several modules
  • Two external triggers (MMBX)
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sundance SLB modules
  • TIM standard compatible
  • 12 months warranty


These modules can used in the following application: 
– Radio systems, as a clock generator (fine tuning), 
– Test systems (dual tone and fast hopping), 
– Programmable system (software programmable)

SMT399-160 – Technical Specification

SMT399-160 – User Manual