Dual Multi-channel Video Decoder Interface Module

s909 The SMT909 is a Dual video decoder, SLB expansion card. The SMT909 utilises two NXP SAA7118 video decoder, which supports a wide variety of analogue inputs. Using both decoders up to 16 inputs can be utilised. As the 16 inputs are shared between 2 video decoders simultaneous capture of 2 channels is possible.

Each decoder can decode the colour of PAL, SECAM and NTSC signals into ITU 601 compatible colour component values. The SAA7118 accepts CVBS or S-video (Y/C) as analogue inputs from TV or VCR sources, including weak and distorted signals as well as baseband component signals Y-PB-PR or RGB


  • High performance SAA7118E video decoder/s
  • Supports PAL B, G, D, H, I and N, combination PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC-Japan, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM standards.
  • Up to 16 analogue CVBS inputs
  • Up to 8 Y+C inputs
  • Up to 4 analogue component inputs, with embedded or separate syncs

SMT909 Product Specification