CameraLink Receiver Module

s949 The SMT949 is a Camera Link interface, SLB expansion card. Its can be attached to a number of TIM modules to allow interfacing of Camera Link devices.

The SMT949 provides a Base, Medium and Full configuration Camera Link Interfaces through 2x 3M MDR connector. The interface also implements two serial interfaces between the card and the camera (one to the camera, one from the camera) as well as the four control lines to the camera.

When using base camera Links is it possible to configure the second connector as a second Base Camera Link input. Thus allowing the provision for attaching two cameras simultaneously. The SMT949 uses 3 DS90CR288A LVDS decoders. These can each have a data rate output of up to 85MHz. Using the full capacity of 3 links data rates of upto 765 Mbytes per second can be achieved.


  • Dual Base Camera Link
  • Single Medium or Full Camera Link
  • 85MHz clock
  • Allowing 765Mbytes through-put
  • Sundance Local Bus

SMT949 Product Specification