dvipDVIP (Digital Video Infrastructure Platform) System.

Features at a Glance:

dvipbtmThe DVIP (Digital Video Infrastructure Platform) is based on the latest 1GHz TMS320C6455 DSP which offers the highest fixed-point processing of any commercial available TI DSPs and a scalable architecture that allows multiple DSP to be connected via a Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO) interface and this concept is well suited to the Sundance’s Modular hardware concept that follows the TIM (Texas Instrument Module) standard. The basic configuration has a SMT362 Dual ‘C6455 DSP Module and a SMT339 DM642 Image Module hosted on a SMT148-FX stand-alone carrier board. The DVIP can be upgraded with another 2x Modules from the range of over 40 different combinations, offering more processing-power, high-speed ADC/DAC interface, RF test-bed or custom-bespoke hardware.

DVIP is designed for high-performance, semi-rugged mobile and stationary deployment or for “Rapid Prototyping” of algorithms or hardware concepts. The SMT148-FX carrier board offers SATA, USB 2.0, FireWire, 1Gigabit Ethernet, RS485, RS232, LVDS interfaces. It also contains a Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA that includes two PowerPC cores and these can be used as controller for above interfaces, leaving the DSPs free for processing.

The DVIP is supported by TI’s Code Composer Studio 3.3 and is required for any development of DSP code. No run-time licensees are required for the this OEM hardware platform and DVIP is furthermore Diamond® compatible and these tools offer a integrated development environment (IDE) for the DSP, FPGA and PowerPC based on the Eclipse front-end.


  • Scalable ‘C6455/DM642 DSP-based Image/Video solution.
  • DM642 DSP suitable for H.264 HD Decoding and Display
  • Dual ‘C6455 required for H.264 Encoding from Camera source.
  • Stand-alone operation for portable application, only require DC supply.
  • Multiple industry standard interfaces for “Real-Life” communications.
  • Ideal “Rapid Prototyping” platform for algorithms test like MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and full H.264.
  • Reduces integration time with easy to use IDE tools.
  • Manufactured, built and tested by an ISO9001 approved vendor

The DVIP is ideal for very demanding Security application, Multiple Video surveillance, Defense installation, Broadcast development and similar – see TI’s report on Scalable DSP System – here – spry087.pdf

The DVIP system can also be used for HD-video encoding with DSP and FPGA partitioning. An article detailing this can be found here

The SMT339 Image Processing Module has two channels of Video Output/Input as default an optional expansion with 2-14 analog camera or high-speed LVDS camera that can either be CameraLink or custom specific. The DM642 handle all the Video controls and uses the Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA to pre/post-processing and interface to the SMT362 DSP Module. The ‘C6455s are left to do DSP processing, as the Virtex-4 is handling all the I/O and interface to the SMT148-FX that also contains a Virtex-4. The carrier board has all the on-board DC-DC converters and will only require 24V-48V DC supply.

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