HOST side drivers for FPGA-only modules (Windows OS)

s6026The SMT6026 is an efficient, ready to use, host side interface to Sundance FPGA-only module. It allows you to control the FPGA-only modules from the host as well as to exchange data between the host and the module on the first site of the Sundance carrier board.


  • Accelerate your development time by providing ready-to-use library of functions
  • Configure the FPGA from the Host
  • Transfer data from the FPGA-only module to the Host
  • Control the data acquisition daughter modules from the Host
  • Give you a basic framework for more complex custom systems
  • Provide you with a C++ type interface to the FPGA module

The SMT6026 supports the following carrier boards and host communication link:

Carrier Board Description Host communication Performance
SMT145 PCI carrier Host Rocket-IO Serial 
Host ComPort
SMT130 PC-104 carrier Host ComPort <2MB/s
SMT310 PCI carrier Host ComPort <2MB/s
SMT310Q PCI carrier Host ComPort (site 1 only) <2MB/s
SMT300 3U cPCI/PXI carrier Host ComPort <2MB/s
SMT300Q 6U cPCI/PXI carrier Host ComPort (site 1 only) <2MB/s

The SMT6026 supports the following data acquisition modules:

Data acquisition module Description
SMT384 Quad ADC 14-bit 125MSPS
SMT390 Dual ADC 12-bit 210MSPS
SMT391 Dual ADC 8-bit 1GSPS
SMT381 Dual DAC 14-bit 1GSPS
SMT350 Dual 14-bit ADC 125MSPS / Dual 16-bit DAC 500MSPS
SMT351 Embedded memory module (capacity 1GB DDR SDRAM)