Sundance <> Xilinx System Generator <> Simulink Toolbox for VHDL code generation and co-design

s6041Simulink® from The MathWorks® is a powerful graphical modelling system which allows complex systems to be designed using a block diagram methodology.

Xilinx System Generator for DSP is a blockset for Simulink® which allows the modelling of fixed point systems which can be transformed into VHDL and targeted at an FPGA.

SMT6041 provides additional Simulink® blocksets for VHDL code generation and co-design to support Xilinx System Generator with Sundance FPGA/DAQ modules and the following is a list of Blocks supported:

  • ComPort Read and ComPort Write
  • SDL Read and SDL Write
  • SDB Read and SDB Write
  • SHB Read and SHB Write
  • ADC and DAC for Sundance boards
  • Clock Generator
  • Led
  • etc.

Automatic generation of the bitstream is supported with the synthesis and implementation tools run from within the Simulink® environment.

SMT6041 users needs to have a hardware design knowledge as System Generator requires detailed parameters in input.