VxWorks Host-side software interface to Sundance hardware

VxWorks Host-side software interface to Sundance hardware

VxWorks is increasingly becoming the most popular development suite for Real time embedded applications

The SMT6065 is one such product developed on VxWorks aimed at providing VxWorks host-side interface to Sundance hardware.

It allows you to load stand-alone applications developed on 3L/Diamond RTOS to the Sundance daughter modules (TIMs) mounted on the Sundance carrier board from the VxWorks host. The VxWorkssoftware interface also allows exchanging data between the VxWorkshost and TIM on these carrier boards. The SMT6065 is ideal for customers that wish to develop their own code to interface with Sundance hardware, under OS VxWorks 6.3 etc.


The figure above shows the SMT6065 forming the link between your application and the Sundance carrier boards in your system. Having a standard interface such as the SMT6065 ensures that you do not need to recompile and link your software when the hardware in the system changes. The SMT6065 hides the details of the device driver, allowing you to concentrate on the development process.

As it is evident from the above figure, having a standard interface such as the SMT6065 enables you to take advantage of the stand-alone 3L/Diamond features and obtain a host interface to the SATA-disks via the carrier board and the TIM module from the VxWorks host.

Stand-Alone applications developed under 3L/Diamond (Multi DSP RTOS), will use this software (SMT6065) to manage data transfers from the VxWorks host to the SATA disks and vice-versa.

What the SMT6065 can do for you:

  • Shorten development time by providing you with a ready-to-use interface to the hardware.
  • Transfers data between the carrier board and the host.
  • Downloads applications to the carrier board.
  • Obtains information about the carrier board.
  • Controls the state of the carrier board.
  • Gives you a basic building block for more complex systems.
  • Provides you with direct access to the hardware registers of the carrier board.
  • Provides you with a C++ type interface to the carrier board.
  • For OS VxWorks 6.3 & VxWorks5.5
Carrier board Description Functionality
SMT300 1 TIM site Compact PCI carrier board Full support
SMT300Q 4 TIM site Compact PCI carrier board Full support
SMT310 1 TIM site PCI carrier board Full support
SMT310Q 4 TIM site PCI carrier board Full support

The language C++ is used for the software interfaces. Even if you are not familiar with C++, you should be able to find your way by referring to the samples. The samples have been compiled and tested with Wind River Bench 2.5 © and VxWorks 6.3 ©.