s317 ADC Module, 8 channels 1.2MSPS @ 16 bit; Sundance Digital Bus interface

SMT317 offers a building block for scalable Analogue to Digital data collections starting from 8 channels and reaching as many as 256 channels by cascading eight SMT317s together. The single width Module has eight AD7723. from Analog Device Inc. and these are 16-bit complete sigma-delta ADC converters with a 1.2MSPS sampling rate. This device has on-chip filtering combined with a high over-sampling-ratio reduces the external anti-alias requirements to first order in most cases. They are interfaced to a Xilinx Virtex FPGA that controls the ADC converters and also provide the data-route of the converted analogue signals.

The data can either be routed to the Sundance Digital Bus and the control of the ADC are done with the help of a Sundance ComPort.

s317btmThe FPGA has plenty of spare resources and can be re-programmed via ComPort and an EPLD to perform pre-processing of the converted data, control some of the external I/O pins or other customer specific requirements.


  • Single width Data Acquisition Module
  • Simultaneous 8 channel 16-bit Analogue to data conversion
  • Uses AD7723 1.2MSPS Sigma Delta converters
  • Xilinx Virtex 300 FPGA to perform pre-processing functions
  • External Clock Input
  • Huber & Suhner’s MMBX connector for signal connections.
  • Four 20Mbytes/s ComPorts
  • One 100Byte / sec Sundance Digital bus
  • 12 months warranty


Ideal for high channel count data acquisition systems 
Memory mapped ADCs provide simple programming interface 
Telecommunication systems 
Adaptive Control Systems 
ADSL Development Systems

SMT317 User Manual