s356 ADC Module, 8 channels 10MSPS @ 14-bit; Sundance Digital Bus interface

The SMT356 (356) module is a single width TIM device.

It incorporates a Xilinx XCV300 Virtex FPGA.

Eight 14-bit ADCs interface to the Virtex device, together with six ‘C40 style comports.



  • Single width module Data Acquisition
  • 8 channels using 14-bit AD9240 ADC
  • CV10 connections
  • Up to 10MHz sample clock
  • SFDR > 70dB
  • Programmable sample/selectable clock
  • DC Coupled Single Ended or differential input.
  • Six ‘C4x type ComPorts
  • 200Mbytes/s SDB Interfaces
  • Over-sample; decimate and other pre-processing option in FPGA
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty


Simple implementation of multi-channel solutions 
Scaleable system configuration 
Direct connection from ADC to C6000 DSPs 
Clock enable enhances control of data capture for burst mode applications 
On-board pre-processing FPGA for SoftDSP algorithms 
Shorter development cycles 
Flexible system architectures and specifications Instrumentation 
Spectrum Analysers 
Digital Radio Receivers 
Multi-channel Receivers 
Cellular/PCS base stations


smt356 user manual (QCF42)