Digital Video Infrastructure Processor TIM, 2x C6455 @ 1GHz, 256Mb DDR2-500 SDRAM / DSP, 1x Virtex-4 FX60, 2x SHB, 2x RSL Interface, 4 ComPorts and General Purpose I/O


s362With an operating frequency of 1GHz and 2MB on-chip level 2 cache each, the TMS320C6455 DSPs have the highest fixed-point processing power in the ‘C6000 range. These, combined with the stunning Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA, with nearly 60,000 logic cells and 16 RocketIO serial transceivers, allow users of the SMT362 to gain breakthrough performance at the lowest cost.

Comprehensive software tools are provided to make algorithm implementation easy so OEMs can quick-start their development of advanced video infrastructures, HDTV, IP and telecoms technology. Software includes TI’s Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and 3L’s Diamond FPGA.

s362btmThe SMT362 is the ideal DSP and FPGA platform for developers of digital video products and follows hot on the heels of the SMT339 its analogue-video cousin.

For a Code Composer 3.3 configuration file for use with the SMT362 combined with an XDS510, please click here

For a Code Composer 3.3 configuration file for use with the SMT362 combined with an SMT310 or a SMT310Q, please click here


  • 2x TMS320C6455 DSP running at 1GHz, each with 2MB on-chip L2 cache and 256MB DDR2-500 SDRAM (so 512MB total)
  • Xilinx Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA
  • 2x SHBs (Sundance High-speed Bus)
  • 12x RSLs (Rocket Serial Links)
  • 4 ComPorts
  • General purpose user-definable I/O
  • Modular TIM format allowing connectivity to our extensive range of other TIMs and modules.
  • 12 months warranty


  • TMS320C64+ core, giving the highest-performance fixed-point DSP in the ‘C6000 range
  • Scalable high-powered digital video processing (Combines with many other boards, or with several of the same board)
  • Gives the developer fast time to market because we’ve already done all the nasty hardware integration, and provided development software solutions.

SMT362 User Manual

smt362 Technical Specification v1_3_1