Sundance will be attending RAI 21 and we are looking forward to seeing you there! The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Industry Showcase is a unique community-led event that stimulates collaborative development for solving real-world problems with RAI.

The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges. At RAI21 this year, we will explore some of these challenges and the opportunities for robotics & AI to drive positive change in the UK and globally.

Organisations are looking to technology to improve efficiencies; create innovative solutions across all of society for a more resilient, safer and sustainable future; and position the industry well for a vigorous recovery.

This year’s RAI21 Showcase will focus on how these technologies drive positive change in the UK and globally. A fully online event, the conference themes will demonstrate how these world-leading Robotics and AI technologies can create a more resilient future and a better quality of life for all of society through:

  • Creating safer and more productive technologies and for working in extreme environments
  • Improving the quality of life for all of society
  • Reducing our environmental impact.

From industry speakers to expert panels, networking drop-ins to our exhibitor showcase, RAI21 is the only industry-focused event designed to stimulate collaborative development for addressing real-world challenges with RAI.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about how RAI technologies have the power to improve economic resilience and quality of life
  • Be inspired and hear from companies adopting new technology
  • Make new connections and find partners and customers
  • Understand RAI capability in the UK and identify people who can help you take your ideas forward
  • Gain insight into future trends

This year’s showcase includes:

  • Three days of talks and collaborative sessions
  • Virtual exhibition stands with live demonstrations and chat
  • Bookable one-to-one meetings with fellow attendees and exhibitors

By going virtual, we are not limited by location or capacity. This is our chance to showcase UK RAI innovators and connect collaborators and end-users to a global audience.

Highlights of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Industry Showcase 2019

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