SMT835-ZU25DR-1 – in stock now


The Sundance SMT835-ZU25DR-1 is a PCI express ZynqRF system comprised of the TEB0835 carrier board and the TE0835-02-MXE21-A RFSoC module. At the time of writing, we have three systems in stock, ready to ship.

The TEB0835 is a carrier for Trenz Electronic’s TE0835 module which is based on Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC. It is equipped with a microSD card reader, microUSB2.0, 21x UMCC connectors and six SMD connectors for clocks and ADC/DAC inputs/outputs, six green user LEDs, reset push button, DIP switch for mode, battery holder, FT2232H FTDI, programmable clock generators and a temperature sensor IC. The carrier provides PCIe connector as well.

The Trenz Electronic TE0835-ZU25DR-1 is an extended-grade module based on Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC. The module is equipped with 4 x 1 GByte DDR4 SDRAM memory, 2 x 64 MByte SPI Flash memory, USB2.0, Ethernet transceiver and 2 x Samtec Razor Beam Board to Board (B2B) connectors. The system controller CPLD is provided by Lattice MachXO2.

The Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC family integrates key subsystems for multiband, multi-mode cellular radios and cable infrastructure (DOCSIS) into an SoC platform that contains a feature-rich 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 and dual-core Arm Cortex-R5 based processing system.

TEB0835 Carrier Features:

  • RAM/Storage
    • 4Kb EEPROM
  • On Board
    • Programmable Clock Generator
    • I2C Switch IC
    • 6x User Green LEDs
    • 16x RF Transformation
    • Reset Push Button
    • Temperature Sensor
    • FT2232H FTDI
    • SDIO Port Expander
    • 2x DIP Switch
    • Pin Headers
    • PCIe 6 Connector
  • Interface
    • 21x UMCC Connectors
    • 6x SMA Connectors
    • 2x Micro USB2.0
    • RJ45 LAN Socket
    • Micro SD Card Socket
    • 2x UEC5 Connectors
    • 2x UCC8 Connectors
    • PCIe x8 Card
    • 2x Samtec Razor Beam SS5 (2×80 pol) Board to Board Connectors
  • Power
    • 12V Input Supply Voltage
  • Dimension
    • 106.6  x 167.6 mm

TE0835 Module Features:

  • SoC/FPGA
    • Package: FFVE1156, FSVE1156
    • Device: ZU25, ZU27, ZU28, ZU42, ZU43, ZU47, ZU48*
    • Engine: DR
    • Speed: -1, -L1, -2, -L2
    • Temperature: E, I*
  • RAM/Storage
    • 4x 8Gb DDR4
    • 2x 512Mb SPI Flash
    • 2k I2C EEPROM
  • On Board
    • Lattice MachXO2  CPLD
    • Programmable Clock Generator
    • USB2.0 Transceiver
    • Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
    • 3x Oscillators
    • 4x User LEDs
  • Interface
    • 2x Samtec Razor Beam ST5 (2×80 pol) Board to Board Connectors
  • Power
    • 5V Input Supply Voltage
  • Dimension
    • 90 x 65 mm

Block Diagram

TEB0835 main components
  1. SMA Connectors, J1,J3,J5,J7,J9,J11
  2. UMCC Connectors, J2,J4,J6,J8, J10, J12…16, J20, J27, J32…J38, J42…43
  3. Green LEDs, D6…11
  4. B2B Connector, J18
  5. B2B Connector, J17
  6. Micro SD Card Connector, J28
  7. Reset Push Button, BTN1
  8. PCIe 6 Pin Connector, J19
  9. Micro USB2.0 Connectors, J30
  10. Gigabit RJ45 Connector, J31
  11. DIP Switch, S1
  12. UEC5 Connector, J22,J24
  13. UCC8 Connector, J23,J25
  14. 1×4 Pin Header, J21
  15. FTDI, U12
  16. Green LEDs, D1…3
  17. 1×6 Pin Header, J40
  18. Micro USB2.0 Connectors (FTDI), J29
  19. PCIe-8x-kurz Card, J26
  20. Battery  Holder, B1
  21. DIP Switch (PLL SEL), S2
  22. Pin Header (PLL I2C), J41
  23. Jumper (PWR CFG), J39
  24. EEPROM, U15
  25. RF Transformer, T2…17, T26…32
  26. Programmable Clock Generator, U5

TE0835 main components


  1. Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC, U1
  2. 8Gb DDR4 SDRAM, U2,U3,U5,U9
  3. Voltage Regulators, U4,U6,U7
  4. User Red LEDs, D2…5
  5. Error/Status Red LEDs, D6…7
  6. Programmable Glock Generator, U15
  7. Lattice MachXO2 CPLD, U31
  8. Dual SPI Flash, U24-U25
  9. USB2.0 Transceiver, U11
  10. Pin Header 3×1, J3 (not Soldered)
  11. Green LED, D1
  12. Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver, U20
  13. EEPROM, U23
  14. B2B Connectors, J1
  15. B2B Connectors, J2