University Program

The Sundance University Program was founded more than 15 years ago with leading semiconductor manufacturers (Texas Instruments and Xilinx) and we are proud to say that Sundance has more than 250 University customers using Sundance hardware for their research projects and teaching activities.

The University Program is based on the following ranges of Sundance designed and manufactured products:

For the Sundance University Program we can apply a discount of up to 70%, based on the on-line price found on the individual Web portals.

Our product lines can target a wide range of applications and are ideal for Research and Development in the following areas:

  • SDR, MIMO, LTE, WiMAX, etc.
  • Advanced Imaging, Framegrabbers and Video Displays, etc.
  • Control and automation
  • Embedded applications

All products come with a free set of software tools and we provide examples, demos, source code, schematics, etc. all for Free. 
There is support for USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, JTAG, RS232, RS485, SATA, LVDS, Matlab/Simulink as well as a growing range of IP cores from 3rd party companies.

Xilinx and TI’s contributions are as for the follow Donation Programs:

You will receive an ideal environment from where to start to customize your project application.

Furthermore, Sundance provides a very good support system (Sundance Support Site) where each customer is allocated a Forum and one or more engineers for assistance.

This is a Free service and it helps all customers with getting started.

For more information please contact: 
Sundance Sales