Tetramax Project – NIPOLECS – Lynsyn Lite

Lynsyn Lite measures the power usage of individual sections of source code deployed in embedded and customized low-energy computing (CLEC) systems. It connects over JTAG to non-intrusively sample the program counters of the system processors and correlate the power measurements with the source code, mapping consumption samples to application actions. A sampling frequency of up to 10kHz is used.

Lynsyn Lite features three sensors that measure both current and voltage and, although it has been designed to primarily support application power profiling primarily of systems based on ARM Cortex A9, A53 and A57 cores, there is no need to purchase a separate JTAG pod as it is a replacement for the Xilinx Platform Cable USB-II and can, therefore, also be used as a generic JTAG programming device with the Xilinx Vivado tool suite and a remotely controlled current/voltage meter over USB. Lynsyn Lite is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems and includes open source software that both samples and visualizes measurement results.

The software and all information on using it with the Lynsyn Lite can be found in the wiki here:




  • Using the Lynsyn Lite to measure the power usage of each section of source code in a system is simple and the results are both detailed and precise.
  • 3 sensors that measure both current and voltage.
  • Correlates power measurements with source code by sampling program counters over JTAG
  • Up to 10kHz sampling frequency.
  • JTAG sampling supports ARM Cortex A cores (currently A9, A53 and A57).
  • Can be used as a remotely controlled current/voltage meter.
  • Can be used as a generic USB JTAG programmer with Xilinx Vivado tools.
  • Includes open source software that samples and visualises the results.

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