Placement available – Embedded Software Developer

Submission deadline: April 15th, 2021

Starting date: June 2021

Please submit your CV and covering letter to:

We have one placement for a skilled embedded software developer to build and implement embedded applications. Along with embedded software and hardware engineers, you will contribute to the embedded software development life cycle optimised for running Sundance’s Edge Computing platforms.

Your duties will revolve around producing writing code to build the systems, modifying software, fixing errors, improving its performance and upgrading interfaces. You will also be required to work with customers or departments that have technical issues such as design and maintenance. This role will require an individual who is a team player who has a keen eye for detail and excellent problem-solving skills. Having experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks is advantageous.

Software Developer Responsibilities
• Discuss and resolve technical issues with customers and departments
• Experience using Xilinx tools will be a plus.
• Develop Intelligent detection system using state of the art Computer Vision algorithms
• Direct system testing for all systems
• Fix software errors and ensure it is adapted to all new hardware
• Experience in Robotics will be a plus.
• Work closely with project managers to receive information on limitations and capabilities
• Create technical documentation ( e.g. reference manuals and test plans) to produce reports
• Gather user and customer feedback to interpret and improve software
• Experience using EDA software will be plus.

Software developer Requirements
• Previous experience as a software developer or similar role will be a plus.
• Knowledge of coding/scripting languages (e.g. C/C++, Python, TCL, bash, etc.)
• Ability to work in a team and individually
• Attention to detail
• Ability to learn new programming languages
• Knowledge of the software development lifecycle
• Creativity
• Be at least in the 2nd year of a BSc in Computer Sciences or Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

Job benefits
• The selected candidate will be working in the Computational Neurosciences and Cognitive Robotics under Dr Pedro Machado’s direct supervision. The candidate will have weekly meetings with Sundance.
• Travel within UK/Europe may be required. Expenses will be covered by Sundance
• £18,000 to £20,000 per year. Entitled to 20 days of holidays. Workload of 38h per week.

Experiences of a current Sundance placement student

Sundance has enjoyed great relationships with many universities over the years and welcomes the opportunity to take on student placements as we feel there are multiple benefits to both sides of the arrangement. The student gets very relevant and current experience in the industry and we are able to help tailor the student’s knowledge towards skills which are very useful to us and other companies in the sector.

One of our recent students, Ivica Matic had the following to say about his time in a placement at Sundance:


I am a Software Engineering student, studying software engineering at Nottingham Trent University. I came from Croatia in 2018 to study in the UK.

As I am doing a sandwich course I began looking for a placement at the beginning of the academic year. The application process started by submitting my CV and Cover letter and later having an online interview with the Sundance Team.

As the application was successful, my placement at Sundance Multiprocessor Technology started on the 14th of May, 2020, right after finishing my 2nd year. The placement started with the online introduction where I was able to meet everyone and get access to the internal company services like documentation repository and company eMail address. Also at that time, I received all the equipment required to do my duties (laptop, development boards, cables and connectors and so on…)

My first task was to do the XIlinx Alliance Partner Training to get a better understanding of the world of FPGAs and EDGE computing. During that time I also practised and increased my skills with Python and Image recognition neural networks.

Completing my training I have moved to other bigger tasks which include:

  • Writing and documenting new code
  • Maintaining old codebase
  • Developing Image recognition neural networks

During my time with the company so far I have also learned new skills which would be very hard to get if I haven’t chosen a sandwich course and placement option. One example of the new skills I learned is Cloud Computing with AWS.

Now, after being part of the company for 9 months, I have been working on many exciting interesting projects and I can say that the experience obtained is very valuable and will definitely help with my future career.

All in all, I am very glad that I was provided with the placement opportunity at Sundance. Especially given that the COVID-19 pandemic is shutting down many workplaces, I am very grateful for the opportunity given.

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