A programmable and expandable DSP-based data acquisition and measurement platform

The UniDAQ system is a versatile data acquisition and processing system, optimized for higher channel count applications.

UniDAQ combines analogue interfaces, signal processing, memories, safety features, power supplies and communication ports on a compact, easy to integrate board.

What makes UniDAQ stand out from the multitude of data acquisition boards available on the market is the combination of:

  • A high performance floating point DSP for local data processing, enabling completely self-contained operation or relieving a host computer from real-time tasks
  • Phase correct simultaneous sampling of all input channels
  • An expansion port providing interfaces for a variety of applications, such as mass storage for data logging, industrial real-time network controllers, GPIO, FPGA, display and touch screen for handheld devices and more
  • Manifold mounting options from rack-mount systems to handheld devices
  • Isolation barrier between analog and digital domain for robustness
  • Two communication ports: USB and Ethernet
  • USB firmware for in-site updates and diagnosis


The challenge so far has been that almost all users required an individual solution – depending on the number of channels, the signal conditioning, the resolution of the A/D converters and other factors. With UniDAQ we have now combined these differing requirements offering a versatile single-board solution.

For measurement instrumentation users:


Use the versatile hardware without DSP programming knowledge with the:


  • Web front end for a quick introduction to the capabilities, board configuration and data visualization.
  • TCP/IP and USB API for configuration and data acquisition via Matlab Instrument Control Toolbox, Python or C programs on the PC.
  • DASYLab Driver.

For DSP programmers:


An extensive board support library with bare-metal and RTOS support, as well as:


  • Drivers for TCP/IP, USB-CDC, USB-TMC and USB-DFU.
  • Dynamically reloadable DSP code to expand the TCP/IP and USB API.
  • MicroPython implementation on the DSP for on-site data evaluation directly on the UniDAQ.





You no longer need to develop your measurement solution entirely on your own or combine several devices to accomplish your goal. Simply expand the off-the-shelf UniDAQ platform with individual interfaces to your system.


  • Easy to integrate: Fits into 19-inch rack-mount systems, desktop and handheld devices.
  • Expandable: With application-specific hardware interfaces, storage media, wireless and industrial networks and user interface.
  • Dual-use: As a PC-based data-acquisition front end or as a completely self-contained system.




Specialized for vibration measurement technology, acoustics and machine condition monitoring.


For data acquisition and signal analysis, especially for control engineering in industry or scientific research.

AD Converter Delta-Sigma, 24-bit SAR, 16-bit
Sampling Rate 0.5 kSps to 256kS/s 3 kSps to 175kS/s
Analogue Inputs 8 16
Strain Gage
Voltage or Current
±12V DC or AC,
±1.2V DC or AC
4/20 mA
±5V or ±10V DC
IEPE Sensors 4mA
Aux. Sensor Supply 24V (5V or 12V optional)
Pre-trigger Sample Buffer Up to 252.144 Samples Up to 252.144 Samples
Analog Outputs 8 x 16-bit, 105kS/s max.
Digital Inputs 4 x TTL (Trigger, Tacho and Quadrature-Encoder) 4 x TTL (Trigger, Tacho and Quadrature-Encoder)
Digital Outputs 2 x TTL (Trigger and PWM) 2 x TTL (Trigger and PWM)
USB USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Ethernet 100Base-T 100Base-T
Signal Conditioning On-board IEPE and 4/20mA External, Examples:
– differential or single-ended inputs with PGA
– strain gage inputs with bridge completion and calibration shunt
– charge amplifier
Expansion Port GPIO, SD-Card, SPI GPIO, SD-Card, FPGA, LCD, I²C, SPI
Available Expansion Boards WiFi + SD-Card LCD-Interface, SD-Card, Real-Time Clock
Power Supply 9 to 36V 5 to 18V
Size Eurocard, 160 x 100 x 15 mm Eurocard, 160 x 100 x 15 mm


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