Sundance at the Xilinx Developer Forum

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (Xilinx Developer Forum Europe 2019), Nov. 12, 2019

Sundance attended the Xilinx Developer Forum 2019 which took place at the World Forum, Den Hague, Netherlands. The XDF 2019 was designed to connect Xilinx experts with Xilinx partners and industry thought leaders. Allowing them to gain insights and inspiration to be used in the design of new projects.

Knowledge acquired at XDF will help Sundance to deliver innovations to market faster, adapt to the rapidly changing world, and keep Sundance at the forefront of Edge computing. The XDF2019 lab tutorials will speed up the process of design and implementation of new software applications, creating accelerated or embedded software systems, and designing at the hardware level.

Xilinx release new Vitis platform

Xilinx, Inc has announced that its new Vitis™ unified software platform and optimized open source libraries are available for download, and free of charge. Vitis enables a broad range of developers from software engineers to AI scientists to work with and benefit from the power of Xilinx’s adaptable hardware, using software tools and frameworks they already know and understand. Using the Vitis platform, software developers can accelerate their applications with Xilinx®adaptive hardware, without the need for hardware expertise. Rather than imposing a proprietary development environment, the Vitis platform plugs into common software developer tools and utilizes a rich set of open source libraries optimized for Xilinx hardware. The associated Xilinx developer site provides easy access to examples, tutorials and documentation, as well as a space to connect the Vitis developer community. It is managed by Xilinx Vitis experts and enthusiasts, providing valuable information on the latest Vitis updates, tips and tricks.

Trenz modules now available on the Sundance store

Trenz Electronic develops, manufactures, integrates and sells FPGA and SoC modules for business and science. The micromodules designed by Trenz Electronic feature modern FPGAs. With small size and high-density connectors, they can be used nearly everywhere. Gigabit Ethernet and integrated USB guarantees high data transfer rates to a host PC.

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

If you can’t see the module you require please get in touch.

Click here for the Trenz product page on the Sundance Store.