Archangel ARGONAUT now available in the Sundance Store

Sundance are excited to have added Archangel’s excellent ARGONAUT system to our product catalogue. It is now available in the Sundance store.

The Argonaut, from Archangel Imaging, is an edge-AI camera unit built for versatility. Argonaut is designed to work straight out of the box, with integrated compute, power and communications.

Argonaut is available in a range of configurations, with additional AI compute capability running more complex algorithms, longer range or specialist cameras, more power and communications options and several ancillary remote devices. These cameras can be re-tasked over Cerebella as the situation demands, using pre-configured algorithms or custom solutions. Argonaut tried and tested use cases include rail, anti-poaching and site security.

Archangel Imaging was founded in 2016 in Harwell Space Campus, Oxfordshire, to create innovative intelligent payloads for long endurance unmanned systems. They grew from a background in World record drone flights and figured that, if they couldn’t get all the data back, they’d better start pushing the intelligence forwards.

They’ve been working on ‘Edge AI’. That is to say AI deployed to the edge of the network, ever since. It was not long before they took on other Edge AI projects, recognising the persistent challenges for remote asset monitoring and protection. Having established themselves at Harwell Campus, they began working on practical deployment and management of AI to off-grid locations for our customers, alongside best-in-class technology partners.


  Download the Argonaut Data Sheet


W x D x H:
130x127x176mm excluding antennae
130x127x260mm including antennae

Weight: 2.6kg
Input: 10-32V
Power: 6W
Battery life: 6 hours (expandable). Indefinite with external solar power option.


Daylight: 1440×1080
Lowlight: 1280×1024
Thermal: 640×480
Field of view

Angle of View

Daylight:60 degrees
Lowlight: 60 degrees
Thermal: 45-90 degrees


Daylight: 3-50m
Lowlight: 3-25m
Thermal: 3-50m
Motion trigger range: 12m
Covert IR flash range: 15m
Operating temperature: 0 – 40°C
Operating humidity: 0 – 95%
Storage temperature: 0 – 40°C
Storage humidity: 0 – 95%
IP rating: IP65
Connectivity Multiple communication options: IoT radio, cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, ethernet, Iridium Satellite
Location services: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
Colour options: Olive Yellow, Traffic Grey, Camouflage

Software features

AI tasking includes people detection, vehicle detection, species detection [future] option
Compatible with Cerebella mission coordination and collaboration platform

Case options


Splash proof



Connectivity options


IoT Radio

Cellular (2G-3G-4G)

Iridium Satellite


Camouflage options

Traffic Grey

Olive Green

Power options



We work with rail industry leaders such as Network Rail and West Midlands Railway to reduce railway trespassing and theft.

Our smart Argonaut cameras have tailored algorithms to detect trespassers in specific locations e.g., individual on platform edge. Once detected, our system automatically plays a pre-recorded message to the trespasser to warn them to leave the area. If they persist, station staff are electronically notified in real time. Confirmed threats can be automatically forwarded to British Transport Police or other authorities with information including a 15 second video of incident. No images or video are stored by the system ensuring full GDPR compliance.

Our Rail Argonaut unit comes with optional innovative battery charging unit for retro-fitting to time-switch lighting circuits. The siren alert sound to warn and deter is fully customisable. This saves considerable time and disruption when installing as it avoids hot works on the platform, and can be done with no requirement to close the line or run new cabling.

“The key thing is preventative. It helps to have a few hours before cable theft happens to concentrate efforts along 30 miles of tracks.”
– Andrea Graham, Head of Crime & Security at Network Rail

Poaching is a persistent problem threatening the survival of endangered species globally. It is impossible for rangers on foot to patrol every inch of vast protected areas, with reported threats being investigated up to 2 hours after sighting. The Integrated Argonaut Wildlife Solution empowers teams to proactively investigate to stop poachers in their tracks before they can harm the animal.

When it comes to wildlife data collection, researchers and conservationists face some important and interesting challenges. Their investigations analyse the movement and behaviour of over 90,000 threatened species worldwide, and their efforts are spread over large areas of land and water, often requiring a lot of time, patience and luck. Traditional camera traps are a popular choice however are limited by high rates of false detection and offline manual data processing.

Argonaut brings the latest in deployable Edge-AI technology to even the most remote areas with limited infrastructure. With tailored power, connectivity, design (dust, heat, insect protection) and camouflage options, users can place cameras wherever is most appropriate for them, regardless of terrain and cellular coverage. Argonaut integrates with other devices, such as rovers and drones, into a flexible wildlife solution tailored to your needs. The onboard algorithms can be optimised to the need of the user, from alerting to poachers to species identification.

The Smart Security Solution is an on-demand smart autonomous security system that combines AI-powered cameras and sensors, drones, and rovers to deter, detect and respond to threats.

Keeping large, distributed areas such as business parks or remote infrastructure under observation to identify trespassers, theft or vandalism requires expensive, uninterrupted communications and significant manpower. Traditional infrastructure monitoring methods involve a combination of resource intensive patrolling and CCTV – often resulting in slow intervention and spotty coverage despite constant monitoring. Site security teams can lose days filtering through CCTV footage for answers.

Out-of-ordinary behaviours are sifted from the noise directly by Edge AI cameras, tracked across site and flagged up before an incident happens, giving the nearby team a chance to respond proactively for the first time. The edge AI cameras, such as our Argonaut camera series, will cue rovers and drones to act as first line of responders, giving the in-house security teams more time to act. Because our devices have built in intelligence on-board, they are independent of infrastructure and can be repositioned and tasked as needed, to cover temporary vulnerabilities and blind spots.

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