PLC2 and Trenz Electronic at the FPGA Conference Europe

Munich, Germany. 2 – 4 July 2024

Take advantage of the combined knowledge of top-class FPGA experts!

Meet with our partners from PLC2 and Trenz Electronic at the show, which starts tomorrow and runs for three days.

You can view and download a PDF of the scheduled program here:

 FPGA Conference Europe Program

The FPGA Conference Europe is Europe’s leading specialist conference for programmable logic devices. The focus will be on user-oriented, practically applicable solutions that developers can quickly integrate into their own everyday work.

In increasingly AI-driven cloud data centres, in telecommunications and many other high-performance applications, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) have proven themselves as flexible and powerful accelerator solutions for various tasks.


FPGAs – The hidden champions of microelectronics

From tiny and energy-efficient sensor fusion solutions for the automotive industry to intelligent platforms for condition monitoring in networked factories to powerful deep learning accelerators in the largest data centres, these flexible logic devices play an important role in many applications and will be discussed during the FPGA Conference Europe in Munich.

Trenz Electronic catalogue 2024

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