s118-ltStand Alone Module Carrier with 3 Module, 12Volt supply; Boxable

The increasing need for portable and embedded DSP solutions has convinced Sundance of the need for a truly 12V-Input solution with stand-alone capability. The SMT118-LT has been developed to carry 3 Modules and attention to power-management enables the SMT118-LT to be powered by a small battery in a mobile vehicle or even on a pushbike! The SMT118-LT has a bigger family members, the SMT118 has extra I/O and the SMT180 has more Module Slots


  • Stand alone 3-slot Carrier board
  • On-board DC-DC power supplies convert 8.6-13.5V Input voltages to the 1.5V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V & +/-12V required by the Modules
  • Three Module sites; One is the Master and interface to the other Modules either via Global Bus access, ComPorts or the Sundance Digital Bus.
  • Four LEDs
  • 12 months warranty


The SMT118-LT enables a truly portable system to be developed and run as a “Self-contained” unit, and with the addition of a SMT363 Ethernet Module, provide a Internet compatible system. The SMT8025 is a typical system that uses the SMT118.

SMT118LT User Manual (QCF42)