s1484 site stand alone TIM carrier

The SMT148-LT is a stand alone 4 site TIM carrier. It is a feature reduced version of the SMT148-VP7. It still has 32 LEDS connected to the VirtexII Pro (XC2VP7FF896) to enable monitoring of the carrier along with the following connections:

  • 1x USB
  • 1x RS232
  • 1x External buffered comport (for the connecting cable please see the SMT502-IDC)
  • JTAG in and out.
  • RSL In and Out.
  • DC Power input (+12V to +30V)


  • Four site stand alone TIM carrier.
  • On-board DC-DC power supplies convert 18 – 30V Input voltages to the 3.3V, 5V & +/-12V required by the Modules
  • Fixed comport links
  • USB 1.1 connection
  • JTAG connection.
  • 12 months warranty


The SMT148-LT enables a truly portable system to be developed and run as a ‘Self-contained’ unit, and with the addition of a SMT363 Ethernet Module, provide a Internet compatible system. Being able to use a range of input voltages the SMT148-LT can be used anywhere from the desktop, in an embedded system, a car or even a push bike. The four module sites enable a large scope for a variety of DSP, FPGA, DAC and ADC applications and computations.

SMT148 User Manual

SMT148 press release