s349 IF/RF front-end module

The SMT349 is an IF/RF front-end module that completes the transmission and reception paths of Sundance Digital Radio systems. The design is compatible with the other Sundance modules such as the SMT370, which operates on SMT8036 hardware platform and complies with the TIM40 specifications.

The digital section of SMT349 is based on the SMT370 digital section design. The analogue section of SMT349 includes two RF transceiver modules, operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The RF centre frequency of both transceivers is controlled by one synthesizer which can be set by the FPGA. The FPGA also controls the AGC, TX power and TX/RX switch for each of the two IF/RF sections. The FPGA can communicate with other Sundance modules via the SHB, or via the Comports, through the TIM connectors.

Each SMT349 is provided with 2 antennas (12″ cable attached, connector changed to MMBX).

s349btmWhen paired with an SMT8036 system, 4 MMBX-to-MMBX cables (4x SMT509-200) are required to link the SMT370 to the SMT349. A further 4 cables (4x SMT506-SMA or 4xSMT506-BNC or 1x SMT550-4-MMBX) can be added in order to use both external triggers and both external clocks of the SMT370.


  • Support two antennas transmit or receive in the same frequency,
  • Two Sundance High-speed Bus (SHB) connectors,
  • Two comports,
  • Low-jitter system clock,
  • Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA (XC2V1000-4),
  • 50-Ohm analogue inputs and outputs, external triggers and clocks via MMBX (Huber and Suhner) connectors,
  • User defined pins for external connections,
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sundance modules via SHB connectors,
  • TIM standard compatible,
  • Default FPGA firmware implementing all the functions described in this documentation.
  • 12 months warranty