FPGA Module, Virtex-4 SX35-12; ZBT-SRAM ; SLB Interface; SHB Interface


s368The SMT368A provides a ‘Base’ module for a range of applications and functions. The Virtex4 SX has the highest amount of DSP blocks in the Virtex4 range, and the FPGA also has direct access to 8MBytes of ZBTRAM. This will provide storage for the majority of applications. The addition of a Xilinx configuration PROM enables the module to be used ‘Stand-Alone’. Alternatively, FPGA configuration can be made from a connected DSP module.

The Virtex4 SX is connected to four 60-way SHB connectors for normal LV-TTL interface, and the 3x 20-way Sundance Local Bus (SLB) connector has 36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals that can be interfaced over a long distance to some external control equipment, or act as an interface to an SLB mezzanine module. Sundance uses the SLB concept for the SMT381 14 bit, 1GHz DAC module.


  • Virtex 4-SX XC4VSX35-12 FPGA in a FF668 package .
  • Single width TIM module.
  • 4x SHB (160 I/O pins) connectors .
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sundance SHB modules.
  • 2x 8-bit ComPorts for configurations .
  • 2 banks of 8Mbytes of ZBTRAM
  • Sundance Local Bus (SLB) connector (60-way differential Samtec SQH). Dual 16-bit differential bus with data rates up to 1GHz.
  • Can be used for custom developments.
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • External LV-TTL clock input.


The SMT368 is an ‘Empty Module’, as the Virtex 4 SX is totally un-committed, and any Sundance, Xilinx or similar IP-Core can be used for a wide variety of applications; Digital Camera control, data-routing, pre-/post-processing, etc.


SMT368 User Manual

smt368 design spec