FPGA Module, Virtex XC2VP70; QDRII SRAM ; Rocket I/Os



The SMT398-VP is a TIM module aimed at completing the range of Sundance Virtex II-Pro FPGA modules like SMT351, SMT338-VP, SMT387 and SMT395

The SMT398-VP provides a communications platform between a Virtex-II Pro VP70 FPGA and the on-board Double Data Rate Dual Port QDR II memory (at frequencies of up to 200MHz), Rocket IOs for high speed serial connections (capable of various high-speed serial standards), LVDS connections for high speed parallel connections and LVTTL connections and connectors.

This variety of connectors and interfaces provides a wide range of development options for designers to explore the capabilities of the comprehensive Sundance TIM modules family.

The SMT398-VP70 is available in both “-6” and “-7” speed grades.
SMT398VP-70-6 and SMT398VP-70-7


  • Single width module
  • Xilinx Virtex II VP70
  • Two independent banks of 4-word-burst-QDR II at 200MHz (512 or 1M x 36 each)
  • Two Sundance High-speed Bus (SHB) connectors with 60 I/O pins
  • Six 20 MBytes/s communication ports
  • Fourteen Sundance Rocket Serial Links
  • SLB bus with a dual-port (2 x 16-bit differential bus) parallel interconnection link for data transfers at up to 622 MHz.
  • Frequency synthesizer to allow several communication speeds through the Rocket IOs
  • Differential External clock I/O
  • TIM standard compatible
  • 12 months warranty


  • Scalable and flexible system configuration
  • Expansion of memory or I/O interfaces using mezzanine cards
  • The SHB provides 60 I/O pins each and they are available to the user as general purpose I/O pins and uses the high-speed connector system from Samtec and use the ‘Blue Ribbon’ cables from Precision Interconnect.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Sundance Modules

SMT398VP D000058H-spec

SMT398VP Technical Specification