s8025Data Acquisition System

The SMT8025 is a versatile integrated DSP based Data Acquisition System with a DC-12V Battery input. The software can be downloaded to the Flash memory from a remote location via the RS232 interfaces.

The ADC/DAC signals are routed to 0.1″ IDC Headers and the XDS510 is via a Sundance JTAG cable, SMT501-JTAG from a SMT310 or similar XDS510 controller.




  • SMT118 Carrier board with:
    • 3x Module Slots
    • 4x Channels of RS232 using a Oxford Semiconductor chip
    • 24x LVTTL I/O lines
    • 16Mbits of Flash ROM
    • 8.5V to 16.5 DC Voltage Input
    • Slave Texas Instrument XDS510 interface to debugging of DSPs
  • SMT375 DSP Module with a 167 MHz ‘C6701 Floating Point DSP
    • 512kbytes of SSRAM
    • 16Mbytes of SDRAM
    • 2x 16-bit Sundance Digital Bus Interface for data and/or custom I/O
    • 6x 8-bit ComPorts for control and/or custom I/O
  • SMT366 DAQ Modules
    • 8x Channels of Sigma-Delta ADC @ 16-bit and up to 200kHz
    • 2x Channels of 12-bit DAC
    • 1x 16-bit Sundance Digital Bus Interface to data and/or custom I/O


The SMT8025 can be used in Mobile situations, Vehicles and similar applications where a low-cost, high-performance processing system is required. The low-power nature of the DSP makes SMT8025 suitable for portable, battery-driven systems. The DAQ Module can be replaced for other combination with a SMT367, SMT382, SMT392 or SMT397 and the SMT375 can be replaced with a SMT374 for increased floating-point performance or a SMT361 for faster integer calculations.

The SMT118 Carrier board could also handle a SMT365 or SMT365E and use the Sundance High-Speed Bus for interfacing to SMT364, SMT370 or SMT390