s300q cPCI 6U carrier with 4 Module sites; PXI compatible; V3 PCI Chip-set; SDB and 1Mbyte of shared memory on master site


The SMT300Q is a quad site module carrier developed to provide access to a TIM Modules over the CompactPCI bus running at 33MHz with a 32-bit data bus.
The card has an “on-board” JTAG ACT8990 controller. This allows Code Composer Studio and 3L Diamond applications to be used to debug/upload software to Modules.
A single buffered ComPort with conflict protection is available on the chassis front panel. This has the versatility to access any of four com-ports from the Modules.
The main connection to the CompactPCI bus is via the Module’s Global Bus. A single ComPort is mapped to the CompactPCI bus providing support for application boot and data transfer.
s300qbtmA 1 M Byte of SRAM is mapped on to the Global Bus and can be accessed by the Modules as a global resource or by the CompactPCI Bridge.
A 3.3 volt supply is available at the fixing pillars for the Modules. This supply will be taken from the CompactPCI edge connector.
An “on-board” Sundance Digital Bus (SDB) interface to the CompactPCI bridge allows the card to be interfaced to SDB standard modules.
PCI Extensions for Instrumentation (PXI) signals are utilised allow multiple SMT300Q’s to be synchronised in a system.

To aid in system development and debugging of designs using the SMT300Q, a cPCI / PXI -> PCI converter can be purchased.


  • Quad module sites
  • PCI ‘master mode’ (PCI DMA) support on one ComPort
  • Host interface bandwidth via global bus in excess of 100 Mbytes/s @ 33MHz PCI clock
  • Host interface via ComPort in excess of 10 Mbytes/s
  • Six Buffered External comport
  • Expansion via interprocessor ComPorts
  • Sundance Digital Bus port for interface to other SDB compatible products
  • 1Mbyte Shared SRAM interface between PCI and Module
  • 512Kbytes FLASH ROM for configuration etc.
  • On-board XDS-510 compatible JTAG Master
  • 12 months warranty


Scaleable system configuration 
High-performance Multiprocessor resource 
Flexible Task allocation 
Expandable system allows for future expansion
Interface to the National PXI Systems and allow DSP to be added to the PXI Bus.

SMT300Q User Manual