PCI-104 Power Supply

The SMT1024 is probably the most versatile PC/104 PSU in the World.  It is a modular PC/104 Power Supply Unit (PSU) that can be purpose built for individual systems to provide optimal DC-DC efficiency and variable wattage outputs on any of the voltage-rails.

The PC/104 format goes back more than 20 years when it was the norm to have multiple power-rails, as most semiconductors required +/- 12V and +/-5V, whereas current semiconductors require an even longer list of voltage-rails from 0.8V to 5V.

With it’s enormous scope for customisation the SMT1024 will be the only PSU that your PC/104 stack requires.


The options are listed below. They can be ordered in any combination. The part number is defined thus:

  • SMT1024 (The base board)
  • 12 (+12V DC)
  • 05 (+5V DC)
  • 33 (+3.3V DC)
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • PCI (PCI/104 connector and -12V DC)
  • 1 (EN61000-4-5)

For example a SMT1024-12-00-33-PoE-PCI-0 will be a SMT1024 with +12V, +3.3V and Power over Ethernet.
A SMT1024-00-05-00-000-PCI-1 will be a SMT1024 with +5V, PCI connector and -12V and EN61000-4-5.

Top – showing all built-to-order options

Bottom – showing all built-to-order options