3U PXI express board Virtex-5 DAC Module; Dual Channel 1GHz, 14-bit DAC;

s781btmThe SMT781 combines the power of the SMT381 with the PXIe compliant SMT700 carrier card.

This enables the use of an SMT381 WITHOUT a TIM (Such as SMT351-T or SMT339), within a PXIe rack.

Details of each board follow.

The SMT700 is a Virtex 5 based PXIe board.

The SMT700 module uses a Xilinx Virtex 5 LXT or S XT to implement the interfaces the board provides. The FPGA can be configured either via the onboard flash, or through the Xilinx JTAG header.

s781The SMT700 is one of the first of a new range of Sundance cards that includes a direct connection to SLB (Sundance Local Bus) compatible mezzanine card, without the need for a Sundance TIM. This enables a variety of cards to be added to a system, for example extra Ethernet ports, video in/out, High speed ADC / DAC etc. Data from these extra cards (along with data from the SMT700’s own inputs – up to 1Gb/s Ethernet, 2.5Gb/s optical links, and RSL links) can be processed via the Virtex 5, or by another linked card or module.


  • Xilinx Virtex 5 SX50T in an FF1136 package.
  • FPGA configuration from 64MByte flash using a Xilinx Coolrunner CPLD.
  • One 64-bit wide data bank of DDR2 memory. The bank uses 4 16-bit wide devices. Running this memory at 220MHz provides a maximum access speed of over 3.5Gbyte/s.
  • Sundance LVDS Bus (SLB) connector.
  • Front panel SATA connectors carrying Virtex5 serial interfaces.
  • Front panel RJ45 for gigabit Ethernet.
  • Front panel Fibre Optic modules carrying Virtex5 Serial interfaces.
  • Sundance RSL connector with 4 serial interfaces.
  • On-board USB interface to allow re-programming of the flash memory.

The SMT381 is a single width Daughter Module that plugs onto the SMT338-VP30-6 or SMT398-VP50-6 and this functions as a ‘Base Module’. It is capable of converting two external digital inputs coming from the Virtex II Pro FPGA, using the SLB interface on the SMT338-VP or SMT398-VP, with a resolution of 14 bits at 840MSPS. Alternative is using the internal memory on the DAC and the speed will then be 1GSPS. A Fujitsu dual channel DAC (MB86064) performs the digital to analogue conversion.

The SMT338-VP or SMT398-VP controls data transfers via ComPorts, Sundance High-speed Bus (SHB) or the Rocket Serial Link (RSL) and the Sundance Local Bus (SLB). These interfaces are compatible with a wide range of Sundance processor and I/O modules