Dual 1 Gigabit Ethernet Module

s945 The SMT945 is a single width expansion SLB mezzanine that plugs onto base TIM that incorporate the SLB (eg SMT339).

It uses 2 Marvell Alaska gigabit PHYs (88E1116) to provide 2 channels of 10/100/1000 Ethernet.

The PHYs interface via the SLB connector directly to the host TIM’s FPGA. MAC interfaces and control must be provided within this FPGA. The PHYs’ outputs are presented on RJ45 vertically mounted connectors.

All power supplies required by the SLB mezzanine are derived from the 3.3V on the SLB power connector.

s945btmTwelve buffered LVTTL signals are provided via a latching 0.1″ pitch DIL pin header. These are routed through buffers and then to SLB “signal” pins.

A MicroSD latching card slot is also available on this board. The board is shipped with a 1GB MicroSD card to enable further development.

SMT945 Product Specification