DAC Module, 4 Channels; 800MHz @ 16 bits

s941 The SMT942 is a single width expansion TIM that plugs onto an SLB base module, the SMT351T (Virtex-5 LXT or SXT FPGA) as an example and incorporates 2 Texas Instrument dual-channel Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC5688). The SMT942 implements a comprehensive clock circuitry based on a chip (CDCE72010) from Texas instrument that allows synchronisation among the converters and the use of an external reference clock or sampling clock. It provides a complete conversion solution and stands as a platform that can be part of a transmit/receive base station.

DACs have a resolution of 16 bits and are able to update outputs at up to 800MHz. All converters are 1.8/3.3-Volt.

The Xilinx FPGA (Virtex-5 LXT or SXT series in the case of the SMT351T) on the base module is responsible for handling data coming from one of the following sources: Comports or Rocket Serial Link (RSL). These interfaces are compatible with a wide range of Sundance’s modules.

s941btmThe memory (DDR2) on the base module (still based on the case where using an SMT351T SLB base module) can store outgoing samples.

Converter configuration, sampling and transferring modes are set via internal control registers stored inside the FPGA and accessible via Comport.

The SMT942 module is well-suited for multi-carrier, wide bandwidth communication applications.

SMT942 Product Specification

SMT942 User Manual