ADC / DAC Module, 2 ADC Channels; 250MHz @ 14 bits; 2 DACs @ 800MHz/16 bits

s943 The SMT943 is a single width expansion TIM that plugs onto an SLB base module, the SMT351T (Virtex-5 LXT or SXT FPGA) as an example and incorporates 2 Analog-to-Digital Converters and a Texas Instrument dual-channel Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC5688). The SMT943 implements a comprehensive clock circuitry based on a chip (CDCE72010) from Texas instrument that allows synchronisation among the converters and the use of an external reference clock. It provides a complete conversion solution and stands as a platform that can be part of a transmit/receive base station.

ADCs are 14-bit and can sample at up to 250 MHz. The DAC has a resolution of 16 bits and is able to update outputs at up to 800MHz. All converters are 1.8/3.3-Volt.

s943btmThe Xilinx FPGA (Virtex-5 LXT or SXT series in the case of the SMT351T) on the base module is responsible for handling data going/coming to/from one of the following destination/source: converters, Comports, Rocket Serial Link (RSL). These interfaces are compatible with a wide range of Sundance’s modules.

The memory (DDR2) on the base module can store incoming and/or outgoing samples. Converter configuration, sampling and transferring modes are set via internal control registers stored inside the FPGA and accessible via Comport.

The SMT943 module is well-suited for multi-carrier, wide bandwidth communication applications.

SMT943 Product Specification

SMT943 User Manual