s6048Host-side USB software interface to Sundance hardware

The SMT6048 is a software package that enables interaction between Sundance USB compatible hardware (such as the SMT148-FX and SMT144) and a PC with a USB port.

The simplest and most general I/O mechanism that this package can be used for is to communicate between the host and the Root DSP is the host comport.

It is a sequential, bi-directional link that gives typical transfer speeds of up to 44MB/s. It is also used for loading programs into the DSP. Refer to the user manual of your TIM for information about the supported file formats.

For more detailed information about this product please see the product manual below.

Performance Figures for the SMT148-FX using the SMT6048

Host to DSP = 16.129 MBytes/sec
DSP to Host = 21.2766 MBytes/sec

Transferred 10 MBytes of data.