Ethernet support for the SMT148-FX standalone carrier board

s6058It is possible to reach long distances and achieve gigabit data transfers with the Sundance optical transceiver modules, but have you ever needed to control your real-time system remotely? The SMT6058 Ethernet Board Support Package (Ethernet BSP) is the solution to interface the SMT148-FX standalone carrier board to the most popular LAN technology.

The SMT6058 offers a data communication link between computer and embedded hardware systems over the Ethernet by the mean of a Low-weight Internet Protocol (LwIP) TCP/IP stack. The library of software functions provides all the necessary TCP/IP API (Application Programming Interface) to exchange information from the SMT148-FX embedded system to a workstation. The workstation then stores the data on disk and performs offline post processing.

The SMT6058 is the ideal Ethernet TCP/IP solution:

  • to develop secured data transmissions with AES encryption for Aerospace & Defence embedded applications on the Radio Giga development platform,
  • to test the next generation of high-quality Video over IP communication networks for Digital Video Broadcast standards with the DVIP prototyping solution,
  • or to architect networks of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems with the scalable RASS FPGA clusters.The board support package includes a complete web server application running on the PowerPC™ 405 to demonstrate the SMT6058 TCP/IP API and functionalities.

SMT6058 Application Note

SMT6058 Application Note_v2_0