Board Support Package for NET+Works and SMT363 DSP Modules

The SMT6060 is a utility that allows and easy and cost-effective integration of the Net+50 ARM chip and the DSP that can be found on SMT363. It is ready to use and provide a TCI/IP interface to a host.

What the SMT6060 can do for you:

  • Shorten development time by providing you with a ready-to-use interface to the hardware.
  • Transfer data between the SMT363 and the host.
  • Download applications to the SMT363 and an array of DSPs.
  • Give you a basic building block for more complex custom systems.
  • Support 3L Diamond board services.


Module Description Functionality
SMT363S 6711 DSP, ARM50 + Spartan FPGA Partial support
SMT363V 6711 DSP, ARM50 + Virtex FPGA Full support
SMT363-XC2 6713 DSP, ARM50 + Virtex II FPGA Partial support

Having a standard interface such as the SMT6060 ensures that you may not need to recompile and link your software when the hardware in the system changes.