s351tFPGA Module, Virtex-5, SX95T; 2Gbytes DDRII-SRAM; RSL Interface, SLB Interface

The SMT351T-SX provides a ‘Base’ module for a range of applications and functions. The Virtex 5 SXT has the highest amount of DSP blocks in the Virtex 5 range, and the FPGA also has direct access to 1GBytes of DDRII RAM per bank. This will provide storage for the majority of applications. The addition of a Xilinx configuration PROM enables the module to be used ‘Stand-Alone’. Alternatively, FPGA configuration can be made from a connected DSP module.

The Virtex 5 SXT is connected to four RSL connectors for high speed data transfer (up to 3.2GB/s), and the 3x 20-way Sundance Local Bus (SLB) connector has 36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals that can be interfaced over a long distance to some external control equipment, or act as an interface to an SLB mezzanine module.



  • Xilinx Virtex-5 SXT FPGA
  • 1GBytes DDRII RAM per bank
  • Can be used for custom developments
  • On board Xilinx Prom for module configuration
  • TIM specification compliant.
  • Four RSL connections for high speed data transfer
  • 12 months warranty


SMT351T Product Specification

SMT351T Press release