We set up four demo systems to enable the participants to get some hands on experience with them.  The workshop started with a few presentations on image processing applications including a presentation on the reVISION stack and then moved on to a tutorial presentation of using Xilinx SDSoC environment with an example.

After the tutorial presentation the participants were given more information about the demo systems and explained how the hardware platform and software components were built for the design.  The demo systems made it much easier for the participants to understand the concept of hardware acceleration through FPGA.  They found it very interesting and were excited to understand the concepts behind it.


Pedro Machado from Sundance gives a presentation on embedded vision and hardware acceleration.

To download this presentation, CLICK HERE.

Featured product: SMT-FMC 510L

The SMT-FMC510L is an FMC module with a low pin count connector (LPC). It is primarily designed to attach to the EMC2-DP FMC PCIe104 carrier board and provide analogue video and serial interfaces. Connectivity is via BNC connectors on the main FMC PCB, BNC connectors on an adaptor PCB, and two 20-way latching DIL pin headers. The adapter PCB is optional and only required if interfaces other than analog video are needed.

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