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West of England Robotics network

Sundance is delighted to have joined the West of England Robotics network. Industry, entrepreneurs and academia have joined forces to create a new network aimed at establishing the West of England as the country’s leading region for robotics. The West of England...

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0201 size component placement now possible

After some in house testing we are now confident that we can place 0201 devices without issue. To test our capabilities we had our chief design engineer produce a small test board with over 1500 0201 component places at various angles (banks of 0 and 90, as well as a...

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SolidWorks PCB design and routing

We have designed a new I/O board for a customer’s project using SolidWorks PCB to carry out the placement and routing.  This is new for us as we would normally use Cadstar for this part of the procedure.  The advantage of  the new approach is that it provides a...

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PhD Internship at Sundance

We are in the final stages of the Tulipp Project – – and part of the project goal is to open the concept to a wider Ecosystem. We need external resources/experts that can use it to give feedback to Partners and then also improve it, so will require the PhD student to be interested in Image Processing, Sensors and Robotics.

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Unmanned Vehicles and the TULIPP platform

The use of Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) in different markets has increased significantly. Currently, most important markets are aerial video/photography, precision farming and surveillance/monitoring. Ongoing technical development, e.g. in size, endurance and usability,...

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New toys, new quality system, same team!

New pick and place machine… Sundance has upgraded our in-house automated surface mount assembly manufacturing equipment.  Our new Mycronic MY12 pick and place machine can place 0201 components, which is a significant upgrade over the 0402 component limitation of...

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Kane Computing Ltd.

Sundance welcomes Kane Computing products and customers into the Sundance family.   Due to a number of circumstances, Kane Computing Ltd. has been closed.  Sundance will be supporting existing and new customers from today onwards.  The message announcing the...

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