Trenz Electronic – List of Products Immediately Available

As I’m sure anyone reading this blog will have experienced, the electronic component supply chain has been experiencing considerable strain with some significant disruption over the past couple of years.

Global pandemic aside, several other reasons have driven this situation: capacity constraints, mergers and acquisitions, obsolescence and higher-than-expected demand due to EVs and IoT. Politics such as trade wars induce stockpiling and price fluctuation of raw materials, creating component shortages across the board.

Thankfully, we are seeing lead times come back down from 52+ weeks, which was the standard response for nearly all products about a year ago.

One of our main partners, Trenz Electronic GmbH, has now got to a point where they have a reasonable number of products in stock and available to ship immediately. With availability often being a significant factor in deciding which product to use for a project, this list is a valuable resource to see which products you can access immediately.


About Trenz Electronic

Trenz Electronic develops, manufactures, integrates and sells FPGA and SoC modules for business and science. The main focuses are on application-specific HDL and FPGA design, plus hardware and software development.

Trenz Electronic has been operating as a provider of development services for the electronics industry since 1992. Their service includes design-in support as well as turnkey designs which typically cover all steps from product specification, hard- and software design up to prototyping and production. They are particularly specialized in the design of high-speed data acquisition, high-accuracy measurement and embedded digital signal processing systems based on FPGA and CPU architectures.


Trenz Electronic catalogue 2023

As the UK distributors for Trenz Electronic, we can supply any products in the catalogue below. Please get in touch with any requests or questions.

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