US-D1 Long Range Radar Altimeter

2022 Feature Roadmap

Ainstein are always looking for ways to improve customer experience with their products. The newest US-D1 enhancements will allow for easy integration, customisation, and scalability into your UAV application. See the roadmap image for details of the features coming in 2022.

Ainstein’s UAV Standard Altimeter Drone Radar US-D1 is a must have for any UAV that performs autonomous take-offs and landings. In addition, it is optimised for terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture.

Do you plan to fly over lakes or the ocean? It’s normal for your UAV’s components to get wet from the choppy water, or simply from rain or fog. Worried your expensive UAV electronics getting coated in mist from agricultural spraying, or covered in dust during take-offs and landings?

Worry no more! We’ve designed US-D1 to meet IP67 requirements making it impervious to these conditions and more, providing better performance and a longer lifespan for your UAV.

  • Designed to help fly drones & UAV’s over and through any environment.
  • Detection Range: 50m
  • Field of View: 43°x30°
  • Size (with mount):108mm x 79mmx 20mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Price: $599

Download the US-D1 data sheet here.


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