SDR system, Fast ADCs & DACs, Dual C6713 @ 300MHz Floating-Point DSP, USB2 interface


The SMT8146 development platform supports the design and development of a wide range of radio and waveform applications.

The SMT8146 can be used for SDR Research, Military & Public Safety telecom prototypes, 3rd & 4th generation wireless phone prototypes, High-speed Data Acquisition, High-Energy Physics and Medical Research.

The SMT8146 comprises a C6713-based DSP module (SMT374) and a dual high-speed ADC/DAC module (SMT350) coupled with an FPGA base module (SMT368). The modules are plugged onto a Stand-Alone Carrier (SMT148-FX) with USB and Ethernet connectors to the outside world.

The kit supports Windows® environment and includes full integration and compatibility with The MathWorks®simulation and DSP/VHDL code generation tools via Sundance’s SMT6040 Toolkit (not included).


  • Two 14-bit ADCs channels each with 125 MSPS
  • Xilinx Virtex-4 SX (XC4VSX35) & Virtex II XC2V2000-4 (plus Virtex-4 FX60 on SMT148-FX) FPGAs for pre- and post-processing
  • Two High-performance 300MHz ‘C6713 Floating Point DSPs for processing tasks
  • A dual-channel 16-bit DAC that converts digital results into analog signals at a rate up to 500 MSPS